Latest IS 29500 Defect Report Log.pdf

Rex Jaeschke rex at
Fri Apr 3 21:40:54 CEST 2009

Here's the latest DR log. I will make this an official WG4 document next
week once I have a number and the Ecma support staff are in the office in
Geneva. In the meantime, I wanted to get a copy out so you can review what
happened at the Prague meeting with respect to DR processing.

I have a few DRs from Prague to close-out, and some 5 or 6 that I show as
closed that need some final wording for narrative changes and Relax NG
schema changes.

I plan to ship the next version a few days in advance of the first
teleconference (April 16).

I'll be on holiday for the coming week, and will be back at my desk on
Monday April 14th.



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