SC34/WG4 Test of Live Meeting

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Tue Apr 28 03:52:27 CEST 2009

Thanks for testing this, Caroline.

I've got it working on my Firefox machine, although it's running Win 7.  I, too, got a warning about my operating system but I ignored it and connected anyway.  Once in, things seem to be working decently well.  

Do you know which JVM you're using?  I've got Java 6 update 13 from Sun on my machine.

I don't have IE7 installed on any of my machines ( they're all IE8 + Firefox ), but I can try a test with IE 7 when I'm back at SVC Wednesday ( I'm in Redmond tomorrow ) ...

As for the automatic word wrapping in the Q&A box, I don't know of a way to do that.  I'll check, but my guess is that that is unsupported.

Again, thanks for testing this out.


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I connected successfully with Firefox 3.0.7 (on Windows XP).  

BUT before everything worked, there were some glitches that I'll share with others in case they hit them too.  Also a couple of questions follow.

I got  a message that my browser was unsupported -- with an additional message in red italics that Live Meeting had detected that pop-up windows were blocked and a request to click another button.  I ignored the first (more obvious ) message and followed the instruction in red.  After that the Live meeting console came up.  

It took a long time to configure itself and was unresponsive to clicks to View attendees, etc.   When I first tried typing in the Q&A box, I was having a long lag in response to keystrokes.  It seemed to improve after a while..

Do you know if there is a way to get the text you enter in the Q&A box to wrap automatically?  

Any chance that it will work better in IE 7 -- which I believe I have hidden away somewhere on this machine.

  Thanks.   Caroline

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When: Monday, Apr 27, 2009 4:00 PM (PDT)
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This is a test for for SC34's Work Group 4.  Ideally we'll be able to use this service to assist in document review during our teleconferences.

I'd encourage WG4 members to connect to this meeting ( it will be available for 12 hours starting at 4PM Pacific ) to ensure that there are no connectivity problems.

If you do run into problems, please email me at ShawnV at with your issue.

If the LM test experience is unacceptable, naturally we'll try to find an alternative.

Thank you for participating in this test.

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