The Public Domain here, there, and everywhere

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I am not arguing for the use of PD or relying on informal declarations about
PD that have no de jure standing, simply explaining the situation in the US.

 - Dennis

Afterthoughts: Also, in EU most material is born copyrighted as well, last I
heard, and moral rights are a big deal.  How a quit claim is done in the
face of that is a jurisdictional issue, of course.  We also have Bern
convention (and later) transnational agreements to consider, i.e., how the
US Copyright on PKWare documents is honored in other copyright regimes (or

ISO claims copyright on (the subject-matter on which they can make such a
claim in) its documents, and contributors have to deal with that also.  How
copyright that is not theirs to claim is (non-exclusively)
transferred/licensed to them is a matter that we should not attempt to
bother with here at all.

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On 2 November 2010 04:30, Dennis E. Hamilton <dennis.hamilton at>
> There is no public-domain copyright status in the US.

ISO is not a US org Dennis. Using terms like PD may be helpful for
but can't be taken as a legal status.


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