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I believe there are two levels to the ZIP64 provisions, according to the
6.2.0 APP NOTE.  Is level 1 (not involving central directory
signing/encryption) sufficient for EPUB ?  That would deal with packages
greater than 2GB and the need to have sizes and (relative) pointers greater
than 32 bits for use in local and central directory entries.

I believe that we all want this aspect of ZIP64 for use in any profile that
may involve large-document packages.  [I assume OPC needed at least that
much as well, since it supports ultra-large final-form documents for XPS
support of extreme-performance publishing systems.  Adobe use of Zip
packages for final-form publication materials would doubtless have similar

@Jim Peterson - there seems to be no license-required statement with regard
to level 1 ZIP 64 provisions in APP NOTE 6.2.0.  Is there anything different
in later APP NOTE editions?  Where should we look in the APP NOTEs and other
materials on the PKWare site for resolution of questions like this?

 - Dennis

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> > If I use ZIP64, do I have to pay license fee to PKWARE?
> > Note that EPUB and OOXML use ZIP64. 
> > 
> You are talking to the EPUB group, right?  Maybe ask them and let us know?

Already did.  They certainly do not want EPUB adopters to be forced to

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