UTF-8 in ZIP

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Wed Nov 3 23:04:49 CET 2010

sc34wg1study-bounces at vse.cz wrote on 11/03/2010 02:07:00 PM:
> sc34wg1study-bounces at vse.cz
> > Create a profile standard of ZIP Application Note.  It references the 
> > Application Note via an RER.
> I like this approach as long as
> > Interest #2 is satisfied, because the RER would contain a patent 
> > and PKWARE would be asked to review and approve this.  So it would 
lead to 
> > the desired greater clarity around IPR.  They would also get a formal 
> > standard in the form of the profile standard.
> can be done well.

My understanding is that the RER is submitted and approved simultaneously 
with the standard that references the RS.  So the PAS submission of ODF 
1.2 would probably be the first specification to go to ballot that would 
need this.  (Or do we think the amendment 2 and republication of OOXML 
would happen sooner?)  If ODF 1.2 comes first, we would draft the RER in 
OASIS and submit it along with the PAS submission of ODF 1.2. 

For the profile standard, I think we would want to define a scope and move 
a NWIP ballot forward.  Maybe also, in this Study Group, outline it to a 
degree where we are satisfied that it could be done well, i.e., whether it 
is feasible.


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