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> Not having attended either teleconference, no doubt I'm missing some
> background; however, I have some questions.
> 1. I was assuming the study period would result in one or more
> recommendations, but that it would not itself be taking any other action
> prior to its report being presented next March. What will happen with 
> NWIP text being drafted? Does WG1 see itself as submitting that? If so,
> when?

No idea what is possible.  But personally I'd like to see at least a draft 
of an NWIP that we can circulate more broadly among stakeholders (both in 
SC34 and other SC's and liaisons that have expressed interest) before 

> 2. Regarding a profile standard are you assuming that "one size fits 
> users? That is, will it be exactly what both ODF and OOXML need? For
> example, it is quite likely that these standards reference different
> versions of the Appnote.

On the ODF side I don't think we have a strong sensitivity to the version 
of the Application Note.  So I think we could find something that would 
work for ODF and OOXML.  I think EPUB is similar.

If the contrary were true, and we thought that we could not agree on a 
"one size fits all" profile, then it is best not to even start.

> 3. We can't assume that all the ODF and OOXML (and other) players are
> participating in this study period, so there will need to be time for
> members of WG4, WG6, and [given ODF's being a PAS submission,] OASIS's
> originating TC, to review your recommendations and to comment. 
> I liaise between WG4 and Ecma TC46, XML Paper Specification, as the XPS 
> builds on OPC, which in turn builds on ZIP.] What is the plan to get 
> feedback from these groups? Assuming the final set of recommendations 
> not be complete much before the March plenary it seems that such a 
> review by these groups would need to come after that.

Also add in the new SC34 AHG for EPUB.

But I think we start off by assuming that there is an interesting 
intersection/overlap, at some level, of the packaging requirements of 
ODF/OOXML/EPUB/Widgets.  As a scope statement for the NWIP we state that 
the proposed IS will specify requirements for ZIP-based containers and 
applications that process such containers, and that it will do so by 
profiling the ZIP Application Note as an Referred Specification.  The 
assumption is that the intersection of requirements is larger than the 
null set and has some value as a standard.  This assumption may be false, 
and if anyone thinks it is false, we should get that feedback early.  But 
I don't think we especially need stakeholder feedback beyond that, at 
least not at this point.

We're really trying to triangulate a standard from existing practice in 4 
or 5 other standards that already use ZIP.  So I don't think we want to 
solicit new requirements so much as harmonize the requirements that are 
already expressed in ODF, OOXML, etc.  At least not in the initial 



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> > Dear all,
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> > Please find a draft report of last week's WG 1 teleconference 
> > Please let me have your corrections.
> > 
> > For participants not on the call, please note that a strong consensus
> > emerged that producing a "profile standard" seemed like the best way
> > forward for bringing Zip into a standards environment, and that work 
> > underway drafting some text for a NWIP proposing this.
> > 
> > This "profile standard" is envisaged as an International Standard 
> > references the PKWare appnote using the RER mechanism, and which
> > provides its own constraints, clarifications, etc.
> > 
> > - Alex.
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