An outline proposal

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I don't know which acronyms you mean.

PDF/A is Portable Document Format for Archives, and ISO Standard.

TIFF/F is Tagged Image File Format for Fax, a standard (ITU I think) profile
for use in carrying Fax images.  If you have Fax software, it probably uses
TIFF/F in some form.

OPC = Open Packaging Conventions, a specification originally from Microsoft
that is part of IS 29500:2006 and that has a Zip representation although it
is not limited to Zip.

What else did I miss?

I assume that we are talking about surfacing a definition for Zip (an
industry standard of sorts) that can be used as a stable, normative
reference for application in document-format specifications.

I don't think we are clean-sheeting, and I will resist any effort to do so.

 - Dennis

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You're going to have to expand your acronyms for me Dennis,
way too many that I don't understand.

I purposely kept my ideas above implementation/how,
you've dived straight in, pulling from many implementations etc.

I'd prefer to move down from what we need/require,
then stop when we reach treacherous/implementation levels?


Dave Pawson
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