An outline proposal

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Dave, when I say a package format for documents, I don't mean documents in a Zip, I mean where the complete package is the representation of the document and the files in the package are components of the document structure, whether markup, image files, binary components, etc.  ODF uses packages this way, OOXML uses packages this way, and I understand that there are other formats that do likewise.

I believe that it is those kinds of applications that are the focus of the study period.  We'll find out on the call, I expect.

As I said, my interest is not in Zip as a general format for archiving collections of files.  I think it does that just fine already.  And one reason for archiving a set of files and their directory structure is to transport that to another system, whether for interchange, backup, or replication.  There are plenty of free, open-source utilities for that as well as nice shareware implementations and commercial packages.  Windows even has a form of Zip support built into the Windows Explorer that can be used as the default for .zip files.

I mention PKWare because the specification for Zip is their work and PKZip tends to implement a particular level of the specification at any time.

It is time for you and I to agree to disagree and await information from the convenor on how the study period is expected to operate.

 - Dennis

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Your 'package format for documents' seems more constraining to me. I
can zip images, programs
anything else, not necessarily documents. Hence my reluctance.

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