An outline proposal

Alex Brown alexb at
Fri Oct 15 10:59:57 CEST 2010


> ZLIB Compressed Data Format Specification , and 1951, DEFLATE
> Compressed Data Format Specification."

RFC 1951 claims that  it "[c]an be implemented readily in a manner not covered by patents, and hence can be practiced freely". Whether that's true or not I suppose would only be decided in a court of law in case of dispute.

As I understand it all the specification we are discussing (OOXML, ODF, EPUB and W3C widgets) make use of the DEFLATE compression method.

In general, I suspect a consideration of IPR issues will need to take place as part of what we are doing, but first I think we need more facts on the table and a clear idea of what technical features we will want to standardize ...

- Alex.

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