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Tue Oct 19 14:59:09 CEST 2010

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> On 19 October 2010 11:38, Bob Jolliffe <bobjolliffe at> wrote:
> >>> 2.2 Any file hierarchy present when the package is created shall be
> >>> duplicated on extraction if requested.
> >>>
> >>
> >> So this leads to the requirement that you can store a file hierarchy.
> >
> > Again I would not straight away assume we are talking of a file
> > hierarchy.  The contents of the package may have started off as files.
> >  And may even be extracted to files.  But is this necessarily so?  I
> > would prefer to think of the zip as simply a container for streams.
> I think it important that if files are used, some hiearchy may be
> retained through the zip/unzip actions? Agreed we may not be
> dealing with files-on-disk, but if we are.... then I think this is
> needed.
> No idea how to bring streams into that one!
> Comments?

I think we should look at the ZIP Application Note and adopt the 
terminology and model used there. Or at least take it as a starting point. 
 If we find something confusing and need to adjust it for international 
use, then that is fine.  But let's not reinvent the wheel from scratch, 
especially given that we have a wheel that is already widely in use.


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