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Mon Jan 24 12:34:36 CET 2011

Dear all,

We now have the text of a New Work Item Proposal (NWIP). Many thanks to everyone - and especially to Rob - for getting this out. In order for this to be addressed by SC 34 at the Prague plenary it now needs to be circulated so that we meet the two-month deadline necessary for such documents. Accordingly I shall forward the text (as attached) to the secretariat for processing so that SC 34 members can consider it.

The question of whether/how to proceed with balloting for a NWIP will be taken by SC 34 in Prague at the plenary and, if a ballot is carried out, JTC 1 will then vote on whether to approve it as a project.

I believe the NWIP will be the main substantive output of our activities. SC 34 asked us for a "report" so I propose also drafting a brief convenor's report summarising our work, also for the SC 34 Prague Plenary.

One further related bit of work is to draft a liaison statement for SC 34 to send to SC 29/WG 11, responding to their thoughts on Zip.

I shall circulate drafts of both of these before the end of the week, and ask whether we think it is necessary to have a teleconference meeting before Prague to discuss them ...

- Alex.

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