70 (now 77). B.2.1, “Part Schemas” in Part4 DCOR1

MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) eb2m-mrt at asahi-net.or.jp
Sun Dec 13 15:47:06 CET 2009

Dear colelagues,

DR 09-0078 (Schemas, RELAX NG: Schema missing) proposes to add a 
RELAX NG schema for  VML Drawing Part (§8.1, Part 4), and the proposal 
has been accepted. 

The DCOR introduces the schema in B.2.1.  There are four 

1) Where in B.2.1?  It has B.2.1.1 thru B.2.1.23.  Before B.2.1.1?  

2)  B.2 is for SpreadsheetML, but VML appears in B.6.

3) Unlike the other schemas, the schema file name is not stated.  

4) Japan proposed a file name SpreadsheetML_VML_Drawing.rnc.  However,
   the content of this part is VML rather than SpreadsheetML.  Moreover,
   this part appears not only in documents of category Spreadsheet but
   also in those of category Presentation.

I would propose to rename the shema file as VML_Drawing.rnc, create
B.6.6,“Part Schemas”, and create a leading paragraph: "This schema is 
available in the file VML_Drawing.rnc.  I am sorry for my fault.


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