Proposed DCOR1 set changes to Part 1 based on CZ-0001. REJECTED

Rex Jaeschke rex at
Wed Dec 16 18:47:21 CET 2009

I fixed this by describing in narrative rather than using red strike-through
(as that was problmeatic), as follows:

{The right-most of each pair of figures is to be removed.}

. That is, <old text>


. That is, <new text>

So no further change is necessary.


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> Subject: CZ-0001 for Part1 DCOR1
> This comment was accepted, and I am sure that the project editor
> tried to change the text.  But does "a tool problem" again cause the
> same problem?  I do not see any changes in 651 in the revised
> DCOR text for Part 1.
> Cheers,
> Makoto

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