Preparation for Friday's SC 34/WG4 teleconference

Rex Jaeschke rex at
Wed Dec 16 19:05:18 CET 2009

I have just completed going through all the WG4 email that applies to the
DCOR1 set, that was posted after the end of the Paris meeting. As best as I
can tell there were 11 separate issues raised. I have posted individual
emails for these describing the intended resolution. Each mail message began
with "Proposed DCOR1 set changes to ." Please read these carefully and make
sure they are correct and complete.

In order to get closure on the final text on Friday, I believe that we need
to see all non-trivial text changes in advance, so if you have any more,
please post them here before the call.

I also saw 2 corrections to the draft minutes, and I responded to each of
these as well.


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