DR-09-0032 (was Re: DR-09-0032 and DR-09-0034)

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Great.  Does everyone agree with Murata-san that this issue's scope is limited to the prose in the Terms and Definitions section?  I realize that we can't make a definitive decision in email, but if we learned that no one objected to this scoping, we could make more progress in the run-up to Prague ....

Do we have a preference for the prose change itself?  For example, do we leave content type as-is and then add another term called media type and explain the relationship between the two?

And regarding the highlighted sentence, I was trying to imply we don't need to do anything; rather, I was trying to convey that this issue was considered earlier in the standard evolution and was decided to leave it as-is.  Again, doesn't mean we can't make a change to the T&D section ...


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I would like to change prose and do not change file names, element names, attribute names, or any names appearing in schemas.  I even believe that this is what MIME and HTTP have done.  In these specs, the name of the field is "content-type" while what is specified in this field is called media types in prose.

I do not think that the sentence you highlighted gives us a license to use different names when other standardization organizations have established the appropriate terminology.


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