Relationship types in the original Parts 1 and 4

MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) eb2m-mrt at
Wed Feb 10 10:19:42 CET 2010

Dear colleagues,

<summary>Relationship types in the original Parts 1 and 4 
have be throughly revised by future CORs.</summary>

While reviewing the FDAM drafts, I searched for all attributes  in the
original Part 1 and Part 4 that specify identifiers of relationships. 
In my understanding, for each such attribute, one and only one
permissible relationship type should be specified.

I encountered four types of problems.

1) No relationship types are specified
2) Incorrect relationship types are specified.
3) Relationship types are sometimes specified in leading pargarphs,
    and sometimes in attribute descriptions.
4) Relationship types for OTHER attributes (to be precise, 
   @id of different elements) are specified.

Since the Part4 FDAM draft has borrowed quite a few attribute defitions
from the original Part 1, one could argue that the Part 4 FDAM draft
makes things worse.  However, having spent a lot of time on this issue,
I now think that we should wait for the second CORs for addressing all 
problems around relationship types.

For example, consider the definition of this attribute "id" of a
frameset element (, Part 1).  The attribute description 

	The specified relationship shall match the relationship type
	required by the parent element: 
	for the contentPart element 
	 for the footerReference element 
	for the headerReference element 
	for the embedBold, embedBoldItalic, embedItalic, or embedRegular
	 for the printerSettings element 
	 for the longDesc or hyperlink element

First, all  of these (element, relationship type) pairs
are irrelevent. 

Second, the relationship type for the id attribute of a frameset element
but this is missing in the above list.

Third, the relationship type for this @id attribute is already specified
in the second para of

	The relationship referenced by this element's id attribute shall
	exist in the relationship part item for the Web 
	Settings part,or this document shall be considered
	non-conformant.  Also, the type of the relationship reference
	by this element's id attribute shall be,
	or this document shall be considered non-conformant.

Here is my list of all attributes that specify identifiers of relationships.  "??" and "Bug" 
indicate some problems in the original 29500.

Part 1: Relationship types	contentPart (Content Part)
(Bug in prose and att desc)	control (Embedded Control)	movie (Embedded Video)
(Bug in prose)	objectEmbed (Embedded Object Properties)
(Bug in att desc)	objectLink (Linked Object Properties)
(Bug in att desc)

17.6.2	bottom (Bottom Border)

17.6.7	left (Left Border)

17.6.14	printerSettings (Reference to Printer Settings Data) 

17.6.15	right (Right Border)

17.6.21	top (Top Border)
@topRight	embedBold (Bold Style Font Style Embedding)	embedBoldItalic (Bold Italic Font Style Embedding)	embedItalic (Italic Font Style Embedding)	embedRegular (Regular Font Style Embedding)

17.10.2	footerReference (Footer Reference)

17.10.5	headerReference (Header Reference)

17.14.9	dataSource (Data Source File Path)

17.14.16	headerSource (Header Definition File Path)

17.14.28	recipientData (Reference to Inclusion/Exclusion Data for Data Source)

17.14.30	src (ODSO Data Source File Path)	attachedTemplate (Attached Document Template)
?? (Never specified)	saveThroughXslt (Custom XSL Transform To Use When Saving As XML File)	longDesc (Frame Long Description)	sourceFileName (Source File for Frame)

17.16.22	hyperlink (Hyperlink)
??	subDoc (Anchor for Subdocument Location)	altChunk (Anchor for Imported External Content)

18.2.8	externalReference (External Reference)

18.2.17	pivotCache (PivotCache)

18.2.19	sheet (Sheet Information)
??	control (Embedded Control)
??	controlPr (Embedded Control Properties)	customPr (Custom Property)
??	drawing (Drawing)
??	drawingHF (Drawing Reference in Header Footer)
??	hyperlink (Hyperlink)
??	objectPr (Embedded Object Properties)
(Bug in att desc)	oleObject (Embedded Object)
??	pageSetup (Page Setup Settings)
??	pageSetup (Chart Sheet Page Setup)
??	picture (Background Image)
??	pivotSelection (PivotTable Selection)
??	tablePart (Table Part)
??	pivotCacheDefinition (PivotCache Definition)
??	rangeSet (Range Set)
??	worksheetSource (Worksheet PivotCache Source)]
??	header (Header)

18.14.7	externalBook (External Workbook)

18.14.11	oleLink (Generic Object Link Connection)
??	bold (Bold Embedded Font)
??	boldItalic (Bold Italic Embedded Font)
??	handoutMasterId (Handout Master ID)
??	italic (Italic Embedded Font)
??	notesMasterId (Notes Master ID)
??	regular (Regular Embedded Font)
??	sld (Presentation Slide)
??	sldId (Slide ID)
??	sldMasterId (Slide Master ID)
??	smartTags (Smart Tags)
??	sld (Presentation Slide)
??	contentPart (Content Part)
(Bug in prose)	custData (Customer Data)
??	sldLayoutId (Slide Layout Id)
??	tags (Customer Data Tags)
??	control (Embedded Control)
??	oleObj (Global Element for Embedded objects and Controls)

19.5.68	snd (Sound)

19.5.70	sndTgt (Sound Target)
??	snd (Hyperlink Sound)
??	audioFile (Audio from File)
??	quickTimeFile (QuickTime from File)
??	videoFile (Video from File)]
??	wavAudioFile (Audio from WAV File)
??	blip (Blip)
??	contentPart (Content Part)

(Bug in prose)	hlinkClick (Click Hyperlink)
??	hlinkMouseOver (Mouse-Over Hyperlink)
??	chart (Reference to Chart Part)
??	externalData (External Data Relationship)	userShapes (Reference to Chart Drawing Part)
??	relIds (Explicit Relationships to Diagram Parts)
@qs	shape (Shape)	characteristic (Single Characteristic)

Part 4: Relatinship types	control (Floating Embedded Control)	legacyDrawing (Legacy Drawing Reference)
??	legacyDrawingHF (Legacy Drawing Reference in  Header Footer)
??	htmlPubPr (HTML Publishing Properties)
??	legacyDrawingHF (Legacy Drawing for Headers and Footers)
??	fill (Shape Fill Properties)
id (Relationship to Part)
relid (Relationship to Part)	imagedata (Image Data)
href (Explicit Relationship to Hyperlink Target)
id (Explicit Relationship to Image Data)
pict (Explicit Relationship to Alternate Image Data)
relid (Relationship to Part)	stroke (Line Stroke Settings)
@relid	OLEObject (Embedded OLE Object)
??	rel (Diagram Relationship)
idcntr (Diagram Relationship Center Shape)
iddest (Diagram Relationship Destination Shape)
idsrc (Diagram Relationship Source Shape)


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