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Hi Alex,

The extensions have their own namespaces, e.g. for Excel:

The full schemas for the extensions can be found in the documentation available on MSDN.

Obviously, they use existing elements and attributes as well, but I do not believe they use them in non-standard ways - perhaps Shawn can expound further.


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>> So I repeat 
>> my question, are such elements - used in extensions - subject to the 
>> constraints of 29500?

> No.  It is subject to the constraints of the MS Office 2010 extension specifications

A wise man (Rick Jelliffe) wrote recently [1] about another document format:

"the purpose of namespaces is to *prevent* third parties redefining elements or attributes"

That's a view which I've certainly subscribed to in the past -- and therefore would assume that we (SC34/WG4) has some kind of jurisdiction over "our" Namespaces.

I think it is certainly bad citizenry/ecosystem-wrong-doing, or whatever, for parties to redefine Standard elements and attributes in non-Standard ways (not least since some tools may use Namespaces as a cue for how to process documents) - I'm surprised OOXML allows this!

- Alex.


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