Child element tables in Part 1 not updated by Part 4

MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) eb2m-mrt at
Wed Feb 17 05:21:47 CET 2010

While reviewing the FDAM drafts, I noticed this problem.

Part 4 defines T-specific elements, and they are often allowed as
children of elements defined in Part 1.  However, Part 4 does not
update the tables indicating child elements for such parent elements.
Here are two examples: (1) left (Part 4, 10.4.1) and right (Part 4,
10.4.2) have border (Part 1, 18.8.4) as parent, but the children table
for border in Part 1 does not have left or right as children; and (2)
htmlPubPr (Part 4, 11.2.1 ) and webPr (Part 4, have
presentationPr (Part 1, as parent, but the children table
for presentationPr does not have htmlPubPr or webPr as

Since XSD schemas are normative, I think that we should simply remove
these tables, and that we should generate equivalent information from
the schemas and publish it on the Web.


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