Generating a master set of schemas from the published Strict and Transitional schemas

MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) eb2m-mrt at
Mon Jan 11 13:06:08 CET 2010

Dear colleagues,

I have written a short F# program for creating a master schema from a
strict schema and a transitional schema.  I have not yet  implemented 
programs for generating strict or transitional schemas from master
schemas, but they shouldn't be difficult.

Old namespace names for T are simply ignored.  So, to generate a 
transitional schema from the master,  programs have to 
replace new namespace names by old ones.

A tentative result is available at the Assembla workspace.  The URL 
is, and the 
file is  It contains master schemas as well as the F# program. 
Note that this  work is still experimental.  It is based on
FPDAM1-changes-only schemas, and thus does not contain any schema
changes in the COR1 set.

Are such master schemas good for something?  First, when the same change 
has to be applied to both T and S schemas, we can change the master 
schema only once and generate two schemas.  Second, it becomes very 
easy to compare T and S schemas.

I have not considered RELAX NG schemas yet.

After we finish the FPDAM comment disposition, I will create schemas by 
incorporating the schema changes in the COR1 set and the AM1 set,
generate master schemas.


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