Update on FPDAM Part 4 GB-0007

Shawn Villaron shawnv at microsoft.com
Fri Jan 22 00:49:54 CET 2010

Here's an update on this.  I'm going to make a slightly different recommendation.

We're going to leave the element names the same ( e.g., "cx," "cy" ), but we need to change their descriptions [ e.g., "(Extent Width)" ] as in some cases they're flat out wrong.  Additionally, having made some of the changes ( length along {x,y}-axis ), it reads funny, so I think we should stick with width and height, but use them consistently.

I'm going to change 202, 211 and 248 this evening and will provide the changed text.  If anyone objects to this updated approach, please let me know.



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Subject: Update on FPDAM Part 4 GB-0007

Good afternoon,

As I'm going through the instances where we use "extent," "length," "height," "width," etc., I'm finding a few oddities in the prose that will require a little more time to investigate or at least guidance from WG4.

For example, GB-0007 specifically calls out change 248.  When I reviewed the text for this change, I noticed that that we've switched "height" and "width" in the prose for the cx ( "count of x" ) example.  It appears that we've made a similar mistake in the prose for the cy example, too.  Clearly these are simple editorial changes we should make.

Stepping back, I believe that the ideal wording would be to refer to "extents" as "lengths along the {x,y}-axis" as opposed to heights, widths and lengths.

That said, I don't believe these minor changes impact interoperability or an implementers ability to implement the standard.  I find that readers reasonably skilled in graphics ( the scope of this issue ) understand that within the scope of extents, cx is always the count along the x-axis and cy is always the count along the y-axis.  The notions of height, width and length are more for the unskilled reader.

If WG4 believes we need to change the text, I'd suggest that we limit the changes to the prose and not change the names of the elements [ e.g., don't change "cy (Extent Width)" to "cy ( Extent Length along the y-axis )" ].

Let's get guidance during today's teleconference.


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