Proposed Response to FPDAM Part 1 BR-0001, et al

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I’m confused.  We spent months talking about versioning in the context of the namespace DR.  So I’m confused when we say we’ve only talked about versioning for a few hours …

I don’t believe my text closes the doors on improving versioning down the road.  Rather, a few NBs have suggested we add a versioning attribute now.  Unfortunately, they’ve provided no real use case nor have they provided any details about how a versioning attribute/technology would work.  As you mention, versioning is hard.  Very hard.

So my original statement is that based on what we currently now, we don’t know of a reason why we need to changing our versioning strategy; furthermore, I acknowledge that more investigation is going on, and that that investigation might very well lead to additional versioning technology being added to ISO/IEC 29500.

Hence I don’t understand what we gain from a more weak statement.  At the moment, we aren’t hiding something from the NBs …

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I agree with Murata san here : versionning is a HARD topic, and we almost find no satisfying consensus

It still think that it is a mistake to keep it hard for implementers to make the difference between ECMA version and ISO version (and further with any subsequent version we will produce here at ISO), and I take every occasion to say it loud.

So to say the least, I think that telling that "we are not sure" is a good trade off in order to be able to answer something constructive

On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 6:56 PM, MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) <eb2m-mrt at<mailto:eb2m-mrt at>> wrote:
> I think Shawn had it just right. I agree with him that this is exactly the right time to
>make a strong/definitive statement. We have spent so much time on this
>issue and made no change whatsoever.
I do not think that we have spent a lot of time on versioning.  We spent
a few hours in Denmark, and that's all.  A few hours are not at all good
enough for this difficult topic.

>I am not aware of any member
>feeling so much in doubt that they are actively working on proposals to
>identify unhandled cases that need new mechanisms.
Had I not cared existing documents conformant to both the 1st edition
Ecma OOXML and ISO/IEC 29500:2007, I would have proposed a mechanism
for distinguishing the 1st edition OOXML and ISO/IEC 29500:2007.
Moreover, when the next version of Parts 1 and 4 introduce significantly
inconsistent changes, I may well propose a versioning attribute.


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