Proposed fix for DR 10-0016 ("MCE: Core Concepts")

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> Hi guys - I think that we're probably all on the same page with regard
> to subsumption. Its functionality is already covered by other
> mechanisms, and it's hard to implement as written.
> I see Alex's point (re. steering clear of normative provisions which
> rely on "meaning"). I wonder if we could say that applications can
> either add attributes in new namespaces to existing elements, or
> entire elements in new namespaces, but then give an informative note
> saying it's a good idea not to create the entire element again unless
> its meaning has changed?

But isn't this the essence of Alex's complaint - that Microsoft Office
2010 adds new attributes from foreign namespaces to known elements? (a
good example of this is the new attribute on the C-element in
SpreadsheetML (I have forgot the name of it - is it dXy or something?) -
thereby invalidating the original element content wrt the original
schema definition?

> If there's general agreement that subsumption should be removed from
> the standard, I can submit a defect report through Ecma to have it
> removed.

>From the top of my mind, it sounds like a good idea to me too.

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