Draft for review: ISO 8601 date work on IS 29500

Norbert Bollow nb at bollow.ch
Fri Jul 9 21:29:45 CEST 2010

Gareth Horton <Gareth_Horton at datawatch.com> wrote:

> Saying "timezones would be nice to have" must NOT translate into
> some random text that is unimplementable or is incompatible with
> existing spreadsheets...

You are of course right about this. And I must admit that the
matter, for now at least, is not important enough for me to
go further than just *saying* something like "timezones would
be nice to have"... I'm not volunteering to spend significant
time on developing a solution that is implementable and
compatible with the existing realities of the IT world, or even
on searching whether such a solution might exist already in
some already-existing spreadsheet software.


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