Draft for review: ISO 8601 date work on IS 29500

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Hi all,

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> Hi guys - I do feel quite strongly about this, partly because I think
> there's been confusion in IS 29500 before regarding formulas and
> functions. Any operator in a formula is effectively a function. In
> example you mention that you would not convert C2 and C1 to numbers
> when parsing - however, if you do not convert them to serials, there's
> nowhere in IS 29500 that specifies that the answer should be 1
> no runtime date type, and as such there's no description of how to use
> it).
> As soon as we start heading down the route of having C1+C2 treated
> differently to SUM(C1,C2), I think we're doing badness.

I do think there is a (subtle) difference between an operator and a
function, but I don't think we should split hairs on this - it is
certainly not my area of expertise. My main point with my original
suggestion was to get the word "may" into the text.


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