DR 10-0010 and DR 10-0011 — General: reference to non-existent Part

Chris Rae Chris.Rae at microsoft.com
Fri Jul 30 03:10:48 CEST 2010

These two DRs (http://cid-c8ba0861dc5e4adc.office.live.com/view.aspx/Public%20Documents/2010/DR-10-0010.docx and http://cid-c8ba0861dc5e4adc.office.live.com/view.aspx/Public%20Documents/2010/DR-10-0011.docx on Rex's new fancy site) concern references to the mysterious "Part 5" of IS 29500.
I've checked each of the references these point to and they are both clearly intended to be Part 3, MCE, which was numbered Part 5 in ECMA-376.  We can discuss these on the next call if necessary but my guess is we can move them to Last Call without doing that.

Rex, I can provide change tracked changes if necessary, but the changes are minimal (two occurrences in one DR and one in the other).


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