Status of the AMD2 (ISO Date SpreadsheetML changes)

Rex Jaeschke rex at
Mon Nov 1 17:48:16 CET 2010

Today was the date by which I was to circulate a final working draft of this
document for WG4's review with discussion and final vote to send it out for
ballot taking place on the 2010-11-23 teleconference.

There have been some unexpected delays in the authors' getting that draft to
me, and I do not yet have it. Once I do get it, it will take several days
for me to work my "editorial magic" on it before it can go out to you. I'll
let you know when this will happen as soon as I know.

Assuming that members want at least 2-3 weeks to review this document, we
might not be able to close this out on the teleconference as originally
proposed. If that is the case, I suggest that, assuming I can circulate this
in the next few weeks, we make a detailed review of that document be the
main business of the Beijing meeting, which is only 2 weeks later.


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