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Arms, Caroline caar at loc.gov
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I'm with Francis.  Here's my cut at more wordsmithing:

Font names stored using this element shall be specified in the encoding specified by the Fonts part in its XML declaration; the name of the font will be interpreted by the XML parser. [Note: UTF-8 is not supported for font names within OpenType fonts, and is not always supported for file names in file systems. For example, older Japanese versions of Windows use Shift JIS for filenames. To use extant font names in the values of this attribute, they should be converted to the character encoding appropriate for this standard and copying raw byte sequences from font files should be avoided. end note]


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Old Windows used Shift JIS for file names.


> I'm not sure that I understand what is meant by "to localize the file
> systems". Is this clear to others, or is some more wordsmithing needed here?

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