DR 09-0043 _ WML, Fonts: notTrueType attribute and bitmap fonts

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Hello Suzuki-san and WG4. Suzuki-san - my apologies for my failure to comprehend this very successfully. I now remember you explained this distinction to me at the WG4 meeting in Tokyo and you've now very patiently explained it again.

Does the attached modified wording look acceptable as a final version?


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Dear Chris,

I've checked Office for Mac v.X and 2008. They cannot embed any fonts into the document, so I think existing Microsoft implementations for OOXML had never embedded a TrueType font without outline.


Also I have to correct my previous post "Mac OS X accepts a TrueType font without outline glyph data".
Until Mac OS X 10.4 (so-called Tiger), it is true.
But after Mac OS X 10.5 (so-called Leopard), it is false. A TrueType font without outlne glyph data is refused as "this font has serious problem in sfnt structure, it cannot be used" (a font with minor problem is warned but accepted - a font with serious problem is not accepted).

# When I write as "a TrueType font without outline # glyph data", it means a TrueType font without # loca/glyf table (tables for TrueType outline) # nor CFF table (table for PostScript outline).
# A TrueType font including loca/glyf table that # content is only single glyph for white square # (to be used as a fallback for missing glyph) # is NOT "a TrueType font without outline glyph data".


On Wed, 27 Oct 2010 22:17:45 +0900
mpsuzuki at hiroshima-u.ac.jp wrote:

>One of my concern was that "OpenType (or ISO/IEC 14496-22) permits a 
>font including bitmap glyph only, and without any outline glyph (not 
>TrueType, not PostScript), it should not be marked as notTrueType?".
>It seems that Mac OS X accepts such bitmap-only OpenType.
>I will check Office on Macintosh platforms, within 24 hours.
>Unfortunately, I have no access for the latest Office for Mac 2011.
>On Mon, 25 Oct 2010 20:44:41 +0000
>Chris Rae <Chris.Rae at microsoft.com> wrote:
>>This DR we discussed in Tokyo and my notes say I had some minor writing up to do and then we could close it. Unfortunately my notes don't say any more than that, so I am relying on my memory to work out what that writing up was. I *think* that the issue was the use of "TypeType" when we really meant "TrueType or OpenType", so I've edited the text to include that. I also spotted a typo which I've fixed.
>>Suzuki-san, is there a chance you could take a look at this one and confirm that these are the right changes? If they are, we should be able to close it easily on the next call.

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