Re: DR 09-0060 — WML, Fonts: Names should be registered at IANA

MURATA Makoto eb2m-mrt at
Wed Nov 10 09:02:52 CET 2010


> I'd like to deal with these in three sections. Firstly the new registrations (items 2, 3, 5 and 6). I started investigating this a while back, and early on we submitted a registration for item 6, 0xDE - I'm pleased to say that that one is now registered. On the others (0x81, 0x82 and 0x88), we have got in touch with IANA to see if they will be willing to register those sets. I'll report back as soon as I hear anything.

It is very nice to hear that you have started the registration
procedure, and you have already registered one charset.

> On item 1, the switch from shift_jis to Windows-31J, we're investigating whether we can create another variant of shift_jis to match this behaviour - our font guys are not keen to just switch this to Windows-31J because it may end up not mapping well to behaviour in other applications that do specifically need to refer to Windows-31J.

I do not understand what you are saying.  There are many variation of
Shift JIS.  The latest edition of JIS X 0208 has
a standard version, while Microsoft has one variation.  It
is called Widows-31J and it was Microsoft that registered
this.  Are you saying you have another variation?

> I'm not sure what we ought to do with this DR - there's one change which needs to be integrated, but then there are future changes to be made if IANA accept the new registrations but decide to change the names. Rex, any thoughts?

If IANA might want to change the charset names, I think
that we cannot close the DR.


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