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> 件名: [JTC1SC34 WG4] Re: SII (IL) comments on ISO-29500

> Dear Editor,
> Thanks for handling our problem reports, most of which were satisfactorily fixed.
> There are two issues which I believe to be still open.
> 1) DR-09-0199: Is marked "further consideration required".
>   I would like to know if something is not clear in my report.
>   If the problem is that my suggested fix is not good enough, I would like to know the reason, so I can improve it.
>   You can add my personal email as contact address for this issue.
> 2) DR-09-0200: It seems that my report was misunderstood.
>    The problem with the current version is the missing information, not the choice of words. 
>    The practical fact is that implementors have to swap left and right margin in half of the pages, but it is not specified *which half* they have to swap. 
>    With the current (June 2009) fix, they might be able to make an educated guess, based on the newly added note, but this is insufficient in my opinion.
>     Perhaps "facing" should be replaced with "facing right in LTR documents, and facing left in RTL documents", but I believe that would *still be confusing* (because it depends on the way you hold the pages).
>     A better solution might be to say "even numbered" as I originally suggested, and change the comment (the one that was added in June 2009) as follows 
> [Note: "Even numbered" refers to the  physical order of the pages. Page numbering can be set arbitrarily, so the flip might not always be on pages with even-numbered labels. end note]
> p.s.
>   I would like to know what is the proper procedure for reporting more problems.
> thanks,
>     Amit Aronovitch   aronovitch at gmail.com
>     Member of SII technical committee 2109
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