DR 10-0028, WML: Clarify the relationship among gutter, pages, and so forth

Rex Jaeschke rex at RexJaeschke.com
Wed Nov 24 20:48:09 CET 2010

It is possible to add a bibliography (which is informative), and put
references to extra/explanatory material there.


The rules for doing this in the JTC 1 Directives are shown below.





6.4.2 Bibliography


The relevant rules set out in ISO 690 shall be followed.


For online referenced documents, information sufficient to identify and
locate the source shall

be provided. Preferably, the primary source of the referenced document
should be cited, in

order to ensure traceability. Furthermore, the reference should, as far as
possible, remain

valid for the expected life of the document. The reference shall include the
method of access

to the referenced document and the full network address, with the same
punctuation and use

of upper case and lower case letters as given in the source (see ISO 690-2).


EXAMPLE Available at <http://www.abc.def/directory/filename_new.htm>

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