DR 09-0042, WML, Fonts: notTrueType attribute missing from list

Rex Jaeschke rex at RexJaeschke.com
Thu Nov 25 17:02:08 CET 2010

The resolution adopted was simply to add the notTrueType element to the list
of elements; however, given the concern about ordering of entries in this
list (see resolution to DR 09-0041), where should this new element be
inserted? For now, I have placed it at the end, and the current combination
of DRs 09-0041 and 0042 is, as follows:

Part 1, §17.8.2, “Font Substitution”, p. 751

The exact algorithm which is used for font substitution is highly dependent
on the characteristics which are most desirable when performing the
substitution: similar appearance of each glyph (to maximize visual
familiarity), similar physical characteristics (to minimize changes in line
height and breaking), etc. ISO/IEC 29500 recommends that applications
looking for the closest match to the following pieces of information (in
descending priority) in order to determine a suitable alternative font;
however, applications are free to apply more sophisticated logic in its

*	sig (§
*	charset (§
*	panose1 (§
*	sig (§
*	charset (§
*	pitch (§
*	family (§
*	altName (§
*	notTrueType (§

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