Status of the DR log

Rex Jaeschke rex at
Mon Nov 29 22:40:59 CET 2010

I have just updated the DR log with the usual things.

During the past week, I made a detailed pass over the 83 DRs that we've
closed out with changes, since the COR1 and AMD1 sets were closed. The main
purpose of that was to make sure that all the changes were complete and in
the form suitable for direct inclusion in a future COR or AMD. For a few
DRs, I've posted suggestions/questions to this list for processing. For a
few others, I've send mail to the individual members to get their help. In a
few cases, I do not yet have the RELAX NG schema changes; Murata-san will
provide those.

Hopefully, the spreadsheet should match the DRs, and vice versa. Let me know
if you find places where this isn't true.


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