proposal of non-normative regex and text for DR 09-0061, ST_Panose issue

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Thu Apr 14 23:05:22 CEST 2011

Dear Chris,

The inclusion of non-normative regex to validate Panose-1
value in ISO/IEC 29500 is acceptable?

If it is easy to reach the document describing how invalid
Panose values are dealt by Microsoft Office implementation
from ISO/IEC 29500 without ambiguity, moving it to out of
ISO/IEC 29500 would be acceptable. Murata-san, could you tell
me how other implementation specific info are included in,
or separated from ISO/IEC 29500 ?


On Thu, 14 Apr 2011 20:40:21 +0000
Chris Rae <Chris.Rae at> wrote:

>Hi Suzuki-san - many thanks for putting this together.
>I agree that this information is useful, but it contains implementation
>details that aren't covered anywhere else in the standard so I don't
>think it ought to be informative. That said, I am not completely sure
>that it ought to be normative either. Typically in the standard have
>steered clear of describing what to do with invalid values, and the
>proposed text really just describes what Microsoft Office does with
>invalid Panose values. We could perhaps declare in IS 29500 that the
>value must contain a Panose-1 value, and then Microsoft should fully
>document in their implementer notes the process you outline in this
>text (along with any other detail or restrictions that we find).
>Others on WG4 - what do you think of this approach? Suzuki-san, is the
>situation common enough that we really should document how to deal with
>invalid data?
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>Subject: proposal of non-normative regex and text for DR 09-0061,
>ST_Panose issue
>Dear Chris,
>Here is my draft of non-normative regex and the description about how
>to fallback from invalid Panose-1 value, please comment if such text is
>suitable to ISO spec. This text is not normative, but I wish if OOXML
>can provide the info how to simulate existing implementation by
>Microsoft when it gets invalid Panose-1 value.
>suzuki toshiya, Hiroshima University

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