DR 09-182 WML: Handling of invalid uri values

Chris Rae Chris.Rae at microsoft.com
Mon May 16 23:46:37 CEST 2011

Murata-san - thanks for doing all this research. I am not so keen on changing all these types to ST_Uri, as we will run the risk of invalidating all the existing documents out there with no obvious benefit to the owners of those documents.

I think we should probably discuss this one in Berlin - I'd definitely be against changing all of these at once, but there may be some sort of halfway house we could find where we track down the ones which already contained URIs in existing documents and just change those.


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> Third, which att definition should refernce to this new simple type?  
> There are quite a few attributes named "uri", and the current text in 
> the final text for DR 09-182 enumerates those in wml.xsd only.  There 
> are other attributes named "uri", although they occur in extension 
> elements rather than custom XML or smart tags.  I guess that we have 
> to submit another DR for them.

I read the DR again.  This DR merely talks about similar attributes in WordprocessingML, but  there are quite a few other attributes in other markup languages.

I spent about 2 hours.  Here is the result.  I think it makes a lot of sense to use ST_Uri for all of them.

18.2.7  ext (Extension)
sml.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="uri" type="xsd:token"/>

18.16.4  Schema (XML Schema)
sml.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="Namespace" type="xsd:string" use="optional"/>  attr (Custom XML Attribute)
wml.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="uri" type="s:ST_String"/>  attr (Smart Tag Property)
wml.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="uri" type="s:ST_String"/>  customXml (Inline-Level Custom XML Element) CT_CustomXmlRun
wml.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="uri" type="s:ST_String"/>  customXml (Cell-Level Custom XML Element) CT_CustomXmlCell
wml.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="uri" type="s:ST_String"/>  customXml (Row-Level Custom XML Element) CT_CustomXmlRow
wml.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="uri" type="s:ST_String"/>  customXml (Block-Level Custom XML Element) CT_CustomXmlBlock
wml.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="uri" type="s:ST_String"/>  smartTag (Inline-Level Smart Tag) CT_SmartTagRun
wml.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="uri" type="s:ST_String"/>  smartTagType (Supplementary Smart Tag Information) CT_SmartTagType
wml.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="namespaceuri" type="s:ST_String"/>  compatSetting (Custom Compatibility Setting) CT_CompatSetting
wml.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="uri" type="s:ST_String"/>

18.2.22  smartTagType (Smart Tag Type)
sml.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="namespaceUri" type="s:ST_Xstring" use="optional"/>  ext (Extension)
pml.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="uri" type="xsd:token" use="required"/>  ext (Extension)
dml-main.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="uri" type="xsd:token" use="required"/>  graphicData (Graphic Object Data) CT_GraphicalObjectData
dml-main.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="uri" type="xsd:token" use="required"/>  ext (Extension)
dml-chart.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="uri" type="xsd:token"/>  schemaRef (Associated XML Schema) CT_DatastoreSchemaRef
shared-customXmlDataProperties.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="uri" type="xsd:string" use="required"/>  Sources (Sources)
shared-bibliography.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="URI" type="s:ST_String"/>

23.2.1  schema (Custom XML Schema Reference) CT_Schema
shared-customXmlSchemaProperties.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="uri" type="xsd:string" default=""/>
shared-customXmlSchemaProperties.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="manifestLocation" type="xsd:string"/>
shared-customXmlSchemaProperties.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="schemaLocation" type="xsd:string"/>
shared-customXmlSchemaProperties.xsd:    <xsd:attribute name="schemaLanguage" type="xsd:token"/>


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