In preparation for tomorrow's teleconference agenda item, "Revising Part 3 (MCE)", please read the following documents

Rex Jaeschke rex at
Wed Apr 25 20:52:37 CEST 2012

Rex's paper, SC34/WG4 N 0234
<> ,
"Revising a Standard (Using IS 29500-3 as an Example)".

Murata-san's mail from 2012-04-12, "One way to define the MCE semantics:

Murata-san's mail from 2012-04-15, "Observations about the semantics (was
Re: One way to define the MCE semantics: XSLT)"

John's mail from 2012-4-18, "RE: WG 4 teleconference" with attached revision
of Part 3, "Part 3 WD0 - jh4 noncompat.docx"

Rex's mail from 2012-04-24, "Protocol for Handling the Removal of Features
from 29500-3"

Murata-san's mail from 2012-04-25, "Defining the MCE semantics"




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