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On 6.10.2012 21:37, Jirka Kosek wrote:
> On 2.7.2012 16:19, Alex Brown wrote:
>> 2. Unfortunately, Microsoft has elected to name one of its elements "xmlData", which violates the spirit - and maybe the letter - of the XML Recommendation. I have however left this as-is as most tools in practice do not register this phenomenon. Thoughts?
> Using elements starting with "xml" are violations of XML Recommendation
> unless such element name is endorsed by W3C as reserved one. Such
> element should be clearly renamed, we had to make similar change in
> DocBook V5.0 where we had to rename <xmltag> (successor of <sgmltag>) to
> just <tag>.


Microsoft with its "xmlData" is not only one guilty. In XML Core WG we
thus decided to lift this restriction as reserved element and attributes
names can be put in xml: namespace. So if everything goes well next
erratum or edition of XML Rec will not contain this restriction and it
will be allowed to use element named xmlData.



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