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Thinking about informal files presented at Prague not yet available to those who couldn't attend...

Coincidentally, I had put together some similar visualizations of DR statistics a few weeks before the meeting, which I presented after Makoto talked through his below.  Here is the short version:
I ran some numbers to see how the DR list was really doing, partly out of interest, partly due to concerns I'd seen raised.  Our incoming DR rate has dropped significantly, which I think is expected given the maturation of the standard.  Also, WG 4 has been good about closing DRs with action taken in various CORs and AMDs (and, soon, REVs) vs. without action.  From a "bug triage" perspective, the percentages of how DRs have been closed seem entirely reasonable.  Of the active DRs [again, before the meeting], I saw three buckets - those related to the pending Part 2 work, those related to the in-progress Part 3 work, and other DRs that didn't fit into the existing WG 4 work items.  Of the Part 3 and "other" DRs (i.e., those not waiting for the start of the Part 2 work), nearly half already had a planned solution for addressing them even though they are marked Open.  So, my conclusion was that we were in pretty good shape as far as DRs were concerned.

I've attached the charts.  I left my original sheets in and added some "duplicate" ones (named "post-Prague") that reflect the state of the DR list after the Prague meeting.


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