An Ecma TC46 (OpenXPS) liaison request to add an agenda item to the WG4 meeting in Brazil

Rex Jaeschke rex at
Thu Jun 21 16:59:56 CEST 2012

As I reported in the past year, Ecma TC46 has been considering updating its
OpenXPS standard to point to the soon-to-be-approved 2012 edition of OPC and
MCE rather than the original Ecma versions. However, I have since discovered
that TC46 has an outstanding action item that impacts such a move.


"IS 29500 Part 2 (OPC) removed element contentType element from the Core
Properties Part schema, but did not change the namespace for that schema. As
a result, there is no way to distinguish between ECMA-376:2006 and IS 29500
w.r.t Part 2.


The status of IS 29500, especially w.r.t changes in the schema namespaces to
indicate breaking changes (possibly as a result of the Defect Report filed
by CH) should be monitored, so the XPS spec can be changed to point to IS
29500 at some future point."


I started a private discussion on this with John Haug, who then posted to
WG4 on 2012-05-21, "FW: Possible problem with TC46 revising its XPS spec to
track 29500:2011 (or 29500:2012, for that matter)". Jesper then posted a


As the liaison from Ecma TC46, I'd like us to discuss this situation in
Brazil, especially as we look at revising MCE and OPC. How do we indicate a
change in functionality to these Parts?




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