Numbered documents, DRs, e-mail threads, wiki pages, and svn files for Brazil

MURATA Makoto eb2m-mrt at
Fri Jun 22 08:53:36 CEST 2012

Dear colleagues,

For item 5 thru 8 in the draft agenda (available at,
I have created lists of numbered documents, DRs, e-mail
threads, wiki pages,  and files for the Brazil meeting.

5. Revising ISO/IEC 29500-2

SC34/WG4 N0207 Improving Part 2 in reply to DRs
SC34/WG4 N0168 Referencing/Naming Parts
SC34/WG4 N0158 Harmonizing OPC with Web Addresses and ZIP
SC34/WG4 N0218 Ecma TC46 Liaison Report to SC 34 (2011-12)

DR 11-0030	OPC: Obsolete version of W3C XML Digital Signature 1.0		
DR 12-0001	OPC: Correct Spelling of “relationship part”		
DR 11-0029	OPC: Do not copy text or schemas from W3C XML Signature		
DR 09-0283	OPC: Inconsistencies between Clause 9.1 and Annex A		
DR 09-0168	OPC: No mechanism to distinguish ECMA-376:2006 from IS 29500		
DR 10-0043	OPC: Non-ambiguity of DC identifiers		
DR 09-0280	OPC: Non-ASCII characters in Part Names		
DR 09-0293	OPC: pack URI scheme		
DR 09-0284	OPC: part-URI and part-IRI grammar productions		
DR 10-0048	OPC: Processing model for handling ZIP encryption		
DR 10-0015	OPC: Relationship Markup		
DR 09-0292	OPC: Space characters in part names		
DR 09-0288	OPC: Target attribute value needed to reference OPC parts		
DR 09-0286	OPC: The syntax of "references"		
DR 09-0291	OPC: Use of term "Unicode string"		
DR 09-0285	OPC: Use of Terms “Part URI” and “Part IRI”		
DR 09-0281	OPC: Use of the term “part”		
DR 11-0031	OPC: Use official RELAX NG schemas from W3C

Part Names and leading "/" characters
Strings referencing to OPC parts (1)
Interpreting relative references
Spaces and %HH in part names

6. Revising ISO/IEC 29500-3

SC34/WG4 N0196 Revising MCE
SC34/WG4 N0205 Improving Part 3 in reply to DRs
SC34/WG4 N0221 MCE issues: namespace subsumption and error checking
SC34/WG4 N0227 Part 3 revision notes - Prague 2012
SC34/WG4 N0236 Part 3 Proposed Edits ed 1

7. Defect Reports
DR 09-0060, DR 09-0168, DR11-0008 thru 0010, DR 11-0033, DR 12-0004, DR 12-0005

8. OOXML extensions
SC34/WG4 N0223 MCE Best Practices
SC34/WG4 N0206 Proposed Text for ISO/IEC WD 30114-2


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