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Mon Jul 22 19:00:28 CEST 2013

As you know, the SC 34 and SC 34/WG4 websites have been down for quite some
time. As a result, on the recent SC 34/WG4 teleconference, I took an action
item to try to find out if the WG4 site will be available any time soon. Or
should WG4 be making plans for an alternate host?


As you may recall, the Ecma site  <https://members.ecma-international.org/>
https://members.ecma-international.org/ used to be the official document
site for SC 34/WG4, but several years ago, WG4 started its own site, and I
maintained the Ecma site for Ecma's TC45 committee members. That site is up
to date to document N 260, and the four documents since then should be
posted there in the next 24 hours. As such, Ecma's SC34-WG4 site is
currently the only source for WG4 committee documents.


If you ever accessed that site, you'll have been assigned a unique
user-ID/password. If you've lost that information or never had it, please
email me a request to get you one assigned. Please supply your name, email
address, National Body or Liaison name, and organization affiliation.


Note that the main reason WG4 moved its official site away from Ecma was
that the Ecma site does not support an open-to-the-public option. So if WG4
still wants that option, the Ecma site is not a long-term solution.


BTW, the SC 34 Secretariat has moved the SC 34 site to ISO's LiveLink, and
she has been under pressure from ISO for some time to do so. ISO also hinted
that WGs should also consider moving to LiveLink. As part of a separate
project, I was asked by the JTC 1 chair to look into this and I did. In my
recent  report to ISO (based on feedback from SCs and their WGs), I reported
major opposition by WGs in moving to LiveLink, so long as various National
Bodies insist on denying their own delegates direct access to their own
committee documents! Bottom line, I very much discourage WG4 from moving to
LiveLink. Doing so would mean that WG4 officers would lose control of their
own site especially with regard to who can access its documents.



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