MCE Revision Issue: §3, "Terms and Definitions"

Rex Jaeschke rex at
Mon Jul 22 19:58:01 CEST 2013

A few days ago, I posted to this email list, WG N 0264, “29500-3 (MCE)
Revision, WD0.91”. It contains proposed changes by Murata-san based on an
action item he took at the Bellevue F2F meeting. This action item was:
Review the need for the terms markup consumer, producer, and document. The
current definitions don’t seem quite right anyway. Objections were raised as
they refer to markup document, which in turn refers to a file format, the
conformance of a consumer isn’t relevant. [Also make related changes in
other clauses.]


As a result of his investigation, one of Murata-san’s proposals changes the
term adopted in Belleview, “MCE configuration”, to “application


Please post your feedback to this list. If we get enough support, we’ll
close this issue on the next teleconference; otherwise, we’ll deal with it
at the Delft F2F meeting.



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