MCE Revision Issue: §6, "Overview"

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Tue Jul 23 00:50:19 CEST 2013

The edits to §6 Overview are mostly OK, I think, but I’m concerned about the
wording of the final bullet point. Here it is with the changes applied:


“Application-defined extension elements specify a method for defining
extensibility points within the markup specification. This allows markup
producers to introduce new features scoped to particular elements within the
markup specification. Markup Consumers can disregard these self-contained
blocks of additional features.”


I think that the first two sentences are OK, but the final sentence looks
wrong to me. Markup Consumers MAY be able to disregard these extension
elements, but only if the markup specification permits a Consumer to
disregard them. The way that ext is specified in Part 1 means that it must
be preserved if not understood, so they may never be disregarded. See Part 1




From: Rex Jaeschke [mailto:rex at] 
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Subject: MCE Revision Issue: §6, "Overview"


A few days ago, I posted to this email list, WG N 0264, “29500-3 (MCE)
Revision, WD0.91”. It contains proposed changes by John H. based on an
action item he took at the Bellevue F2F meeting. This action item was:
Rework this so we don’t appear to be introducing any new terms. Use plain


Please post your feedback to this list. If we get enough support, we’ll
close this issue on the next teleconference; otherwise, we’ll deal with it
at the Delft F2F meeting.



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