Re: MCE Revision Issue: §8.5, "ExtensionElements Attribute:

MURATA Makoto eb2m-mrt at
Tue Jul 23 01:24:13 CEST 2013

For the record, my proposal is based on the interview with
the MCE original designer in the Bellevue F2F meeting.
When the original markup specification and consuming
applications are built, the choice of application-defined
extension elements has to be done already.  Thus,
a new attribute for declaring application-defined extension
elements is likely to lead processing failures of original
consuming applications, and should be avoided.


2013/7/23 Rex Jaeschke <rex at>:
> A few days ago, I posted to this email list, WG N 0264, “29500-3 (MCE)
> Revision, WD0.91”. It contains proposed changes by Murata-san based on an
> action item he took at the Bellevue F2F meeting. This action item was:
> Agreed to rewrite this as a new attribute suspending MCE processing.
> His proposal removes the ExtensionElements Attribute.
> Please post your feedback to this list. If we get enough support, we’ll
> close this issue on the next teleconference; otherwise, we’ll deal with it
> at the Delft F2F meeting.
> Rex

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