MCE Revision Issue: §10.6, "Justification of Ignorable Foreign Children of AlternateContent"

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Tue Jul 23 01:42:24 CEST 2013

I would suggest the following text for this paragraph:


“The way that AlternativeContent is specified to contain only Choice and
Fallback elements from the Markup Compatibility namespace (see §8.5)
prevents the use of other Markup Compatibility elements that would otherwise
allow extension of AlternativeContent in future versions of MCE. For this
reason the specification of AlternativeContent allows elements from
Ignorable namespaces as children of AlternativeContent. Any MCE processor
that encounters a child element of AlternativeContent that is in the
namespace of an intended future extension of MCE will not fail to process
the document, provided the namespace of the extension element is ignorable,
because it will discard all elements in ignorable namespaces that are not
understood before making a selection between the remaining Choice and
Fallback elements.”


I think that a re-write along these lines is clearer than attempting to
revise the existing paragraph word-by-word.





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Subject: MCE Revision Issue: §10.6, "Justification of Ignorable Foreign
Children of AlternateContent"


A few days ago, I posted to this email list, WG N 0264, “29500-3 (MCE)
Revision, WD0.91”. It contains proposed changes by John H. based on an
action item he took at the Bellevue F2F meeting. This action item was:
Needs wordsmithing – this was an e-mail John sent during the London 2012
meeting to capture some discussion.


Please post your feedback to this list. If we get enough support, we’ll
close this issue on the next teleconference; otherwise, we’ll deal with it
at the Delft F2F meeting.



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