MCE Revision Issue: Correcting the Scope Clause

MURATA Makoto eb2m-mrt at
Wed Jul 24 05:10:22 CEST 2013


Having seen you comment, I tried to reformulate
the proposal.  While doing so, I start to feel that
I am describing too much details in the scope.
I would say that even the original is too detailed
to provide a high-level overview.

W3C has established a nice framework for
versioning and evolvability of markup specifications.
A nice introduction is with
and it provides links to relevant W3C documents.

I tried to reformulate the scope on the basis of the
W3C framework.

Here is my proposal:

This Part of ISO/IEC 29500 defines a set of conventions
for forward compatibility of markup specifications.
These conventions allow XML documents created by
applications of later versions or extensions to be
handled by applications of earlier versions.


2013/7/24 Dennis E. Hamilton <dennis.hamilton at>:
> It could be more clear who this provision applies to.  This seems to apply to producers of XML documents.  If it "can be used in any XML document ...", that might be over-reaching.
> It would appear to require an agreement among XML document producers and consumers that the occurrence of MCE will be treated properly.  One important case of such agreement is when the occurrence of MCE is an explicit interoperability provision in the specification of an XML-based format for some class of applications.
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>> With:
>> This Part of ISO/IEC 29500 describes a set of conventions that can be
>> used by any valid XML document to mark clearly elements and attributes
>> representing features introduced by future versions or extensions of
>> the document format, while providing a method by which consumers can
>> obtain a baseline version of that document (i.e., a version without
>> extensions) for interoperability.
> I think that "valid" should be deleted, since MCE is applicable to markup
> specifications that lack DTDs or schemas.
> Regards,
> Makoto

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