Revision of Part 3 - Impact upon Part 1 Clause 2.1 Conformance

Francis Cave francis at
Thu Jun 27 13:59:44 CEST 2013

Dear all


I have an action in the minutes of the Bellevue meeting to propose the
changes to Part 1 Clause 2.1 that would be necessitated by the
currently-proposed revisions to Part 3.


I propose the following changes to Part 1 §2.1:


In §2.1, third bulleted item, sub-item I, replace the entire current text
with: “The Part may contain markup in the Markup Compatibility namespace as
specified in ISO/IEC 29500-3”.


In §2.1, third bulleted item, sub-item ii, replace “using the mechanism”
with: “by an MCE processor as specified”





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