DR 12-0017: SML: Worksheet, AutoFilter term not defined

Rex Jaeschke rex at RexJaeschke.com
Sun May 5 21:15:27 CEST 2013

Thanks for the new definition Chris. However, the terms in Clause 4 are for
more fundamental things, and we shouldn't define ML-specific terms there.
For those, we have the following (normative) subclauses:

11.1 Glossary of WordprocessingML-Specific Terms
12.1 Glossary of SpreadsheetML-Specific Terms
13.1 Glossary of PresentationML-Specific Terms
14.1 Glossary of DrawingML-Specific Terms
15.1 Glossary of Shared Terms

So I propose moving Chris's definition of AutoFilter to 12.1.

That said, I see that the terms MDX and OLAP are currently defined in Clause
4. If I understand correctly, these only apply to SpreadsheetML, in which
case, they should also be moved to 12.1. [Note that we added these terms as
a result of closing out DR 09-0099 - SML: No Normative References or
Definitions for "MDX" and "OLAP". But I suspect that we forgot we had the
ML-specific term subclauses, and that these 2 new ones should have gone in
12.1 back then. I certainly don't see a good reason why they should be in
Clause 4.]



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I've attached a proposed solution to this DR. There's actually quite a
lengthy definition of AutoFilter in the primer (Part 1 appendix L.2.2.12)
but given the prevalence of the term throughout the rest of the standard I
think the correct approach is to define it in Terms and Definitions with the
wording in the attached solution.


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