My homework: MCE examples

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Regarding the round-trip point in red, that's just a suggestion, right?  I thought that extLst handling was a behavior left to the implementation?

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We discussed my draft and Murata-san's followup document on the WG4 call on Tuesday. As mentioned in the minutes, we agreed to build the example into the current MCE draft pending a couple of changes. Attached is the document with those changes applied. The changes are:

* I have renamed the 2011/2013 versions of ChrisOffice to "v1" and "v2"
* I have added a couple of paragraphs at the end integrating Murata-san's example of "before" and "after" document subsections, as though a preprocessor was applied

Many thanks to Murata-san for helping revise this.


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Hi all - I've done some reworking of my famous MCE example from 2011 which used markup for some future features of ChrisOffice (TM). I've attached it as both a PDF and a Word document.

I know Murata-san was keen to have "before" and "after" samples in there, but upon reflection I actually don't think they would be very valuable. There's no requirement to implement MCE as a preprocessor step so for many implementations, including ours, there simply aren't a "before" and an "after". There are only things which were paid attention to and things which weren't. Additionally, one of the important things this example imparts is the fact that non-understood extension lists can easily be round-tripped by consuming applications. Trying to represent this in "after" file samples will, I think, end up being rather confusing.

Any feedback appreciated - the markup is similar to my original sample but the text is almost all new.


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