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The Japanese mirror of SC34 (including XAdES people involved
in the ETSI committee) had a meeting yesterday.  Here is what I

1) There are no mechanisms for distinguishing (a) signatures
conforming to the old version of XAdES data and (b) those
conforming to the new version of XAdES.

2) Some optional data are mandated by the new version.  Thus,
signatures conforming to the old version are likely to be rejected
by new implementations.

3) These optional data specify the media type and encoding of each
file to be signed.

4) It is not clear whether these optional data are mandatory
even when manifests are used.  Since OOXML uses manifests,
we have to know the answer.

5) Creation and validation of XAdES signatures are specified
by a separate spec AeDS.  Everybody thinks that AeDS is
very hard to understand.

6) What should we do about our own description of signature
creation and validation?  It now references W3C XML DSig,
but does not reference XAdES or AeDS.  We do not have to repeat
what is already stated elsewhere, but we do
have to specify our own requirements on our own constructs:
SignatureTime, RelationshipReference, and

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